Daniel’s experience of recruiting for firms and helping candidates to find the perfect job has been gained through many years of networking and associations with organisations such as AvMA, APIL, and SCIL. As a result he is trusted by Partners and can often achieve results where other consultancies without those connections cannot. Unique insight into the current marketplace and whispers also help to give the right advice in times that are uncertain and difficult.

We can work at two levels for clients; either as a retained service or on a contingency basis for senior roles we recommend the retained service as in the long run is likely to be more concentrated and effective. Prices vary according to the service required . Feel free to contact Daniel to discuss.


At Daniel Lewis Law we recognise that the world of legal recruitment has changed and is no longer feasible without understanding the true wishes and demands of law firms both big and small. That is why we have come up with the all-round solution package geared for all eventualities that can happen to any firm whether it be in a time of feast or famine.

For one yearly fee we will offer:

  • A full year’s cost of recruitment – no fees upon placement. (up to 6 placements)
  • Twice a year training to managers on retaining staff and how to recruit good staff.
  • A ‘Train the Trainer’ session.
  • A free Civil litigation training session in conjunction with Professor Dominic Regan of Dominic Regan Training Limited.
  • A full outplacement service should a firm have to unfortunately lose staff.
  • A career counselling service where needed.
  • A FREE advertisement space in Partners in Costs magazine plus discounted advertising rate in publications for staffing matters.

The service will be open to all staff of any given firm whether they be support staff or fee-earning staff.

We know this is good value as an individual placement through a mainstream agency can cost as much as £20k, and training and outplacement services can double that.


Firm Size Annual Fee We also offer this package in monthly instalments
Up to 30 Fee Earners £12,000 plus VAT £1,000 p/m plus VAT
Over 30 Fee Earners £18,000 plus VAT £1,500 p/m plus VAT


This is intended to help illustrate with further clarity the benefits of our scheme.


The full year’s cost of recruitment: We will guarantee that every vacancy (up to a maximum of 6 per year) that you need filling, or any successful speculative approach made to you, will not incur any fee. It is in our interest to help you fill these needs so that we can continue to work with you in this way in the future. Naturally, should you wish to use another recruiter at the same time you are very welcome to do so, and we would have no problem with this.

Twice a year training on recruitment and retention:  We will undertake to visit your offices to help hiring managers, HR professionals, or senior staff understand how important the hiring process is when trying to retain good staff. There is no requirement for a certain number of delegates per course, however it would be preferable if there were more than 2. The course is designed to last about 2 hours so will not take a huge amount of time out of the working day.

Civil Litigation update training once a year delivered by Professor Dominic Regan of Dominic Regan Training Limited.

Train the trainer:  Sometimes when training new employees there is a need to talk about other basic aspects of employment within a group of people. We are happy to talk to the trainers about what aspects of working life are also important to keep and motivate their new staff.

The full outplacement service:  Unfortunately, sometimes staff have to be let go, whether it be for monetary reasons, under performance, or many other circumstances. We are able to offer a full and complimentary outplacement service whereby the person being let go of can sit down with us and be advised of options, help with the CV, if necessary counselled making positive out of the negative, and ultimately given help to find a suitable new position.

The career counselling service:  Sometimes a good employee will go through a crisis of motivation or career aspirations causing them to think about their future away from their present employ. We will meet with them and talk them through all the options on how they can make their present position both tenable and enjoyably fulfilling. We can, if wished, report back to their manager on what has transpired in order to rectify any problems, although we would prefer it the person in question did it themselves.

Discounted Advertising: We can offer a discounted rate of advertising in most of the major specialist journals and newspapers of up to 70% depending on the publication. These rates will be passed on in full to the client. That is a guarantee.

We feel that this represents outstanding value in what is a difficult climate for all businesses. We really hope that you will feel the same and we have an evaluation form that will be sent to you every three months so that we can see how we can do better.